Advisory: Email recruitment scam

Altus has been alerted to a scam which involves fraudulent emails, purportedly from the Hiring or Human Resources Department of Altus Logistics Indonesia and possibly other Altus companies.

These fraudulent emails allege that the recipients have been shortlisted or accepted for job opportunities in Altus, and request that the recipients provide their personal information in order to process work visas, resident permits or other travel documents. The fraudsters may also request that certain payments be made.

These fraudulent emails have been sent from at least two email addresses, namely and They may also contain links to Altus' genuine website ( as well as to another website that is not associated with Altus:

These emails are fake and are not associated with Altus in any way.

Altus takes such scams very seriously.

Recipients are advised not to respond to such emails or to click on any hyperlinks embedded in such emails. Please also be aware that the fraudsters may be using email accounts and/or aliases other than those identified above.

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