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Altus Oil & Gas is your expert logistics partner

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Our vision is to be 'a leading provider of integrated, value-added solutions for shipping and logistics challenges.'

Altus is the Latin word for 'high' or 'deep' and by extension it means 'profound' and 'noble'. These properties, both physical and qualitative, reflect the vision and values of our Group. 'High' and 'deep' capture the physical context of integrated shipping and logistics—the sea, the sky and the land in between, and the breadth of our services within that context. 'Profound' and 'noble' capture both the insight of our solutions, and the ethical and spiritual values which underpin the trust that our customers place in us.

The logo, a blue pyramid with a bold yellow upstroke as its base, is a stylized 'A' which complements the name, and reflects our heritage and our vision moving forward. The initial 'A' links 'Altus ' with our previous name and by extension one of the Group's original founders, Thomas H.B. Sumantri, whose values have given us our identity. The blue reflects the sea and the sky, the essential elements of shipping. The golden yellow upstroke captures our creative edge and our value-added, integrated logistics solutions.
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